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Sep. 26, 2001

GW Xbox > Xbox Previews > Preview Page


4X4 Evo 2

Terminal Reality

Gathering Of Developers



Monster trucks roar over the competition and wreak havoc on the Xbox this November.

Terminal Reality proudly presents an off-road simulation that takes racing beyond the barriers of extreme. The original 4x4 Evolution presented us with a rough ride that included some of the toughest badass trucks and allowed us to wreak havoc on our competition.

4x4 Evolution 2 is a true redneck adventure in which virtual drivers choose their own path as they begin with a base truck and compete in a series of off-road races. The objective is simple: win fast cash, then use the scratch to deck out your truck with an inventory of over 90 real-world parts. These new parts translate to increased performance, which will help you win even more races.

There are over 70 masterfully detailed Sport Utility Vehicles and 4x4s that put you in control of a high horsepower terror that will conquer the terrain. Off-roading in the new adventure system puts your racing skills to the test as you. In career mode, winning races and acquiring hidden treasures that are available in the outback can win you a multitude of enhancements and upgrades for your vehicle.

Much more focus is being placed on the single player experience over the original This time around you'll be able to opt for a traditional track-based race against other vehicles or a more open setting where the emphasis will be on exploration. Some of the diverse exploration will involve locating a downed plane in the Grand Canyon to the discovery of a lost Mayan city in a Central American jungle will definetaly put racer skills to the test.

4x4 Evolution 2 contains 32 rough, outdoor courses that are placed in all parts of the globe. You can expect the environment to contain some interesting twists as Terminal Reality plans to pack each level with shortcuts, obstacles, and events to keep things interesting. Plow through snow packed roads, bust out from a wall of fog and be blinded by oncoming rain. There is no off-season for a true off-road race champion and weather is always a factor when you compete outdoors.

The Xbox has allowed the developer to up the visual quality of 4x4 Evolution 2, featuring upwards of 5,000 polygons per car with effects blazing and jaw dropping terrain. Draw-in distance has also gone through a huge graphical improvement and will be increased. In short, the game looks stunning.

Serious competition is always needed for a game to be challenging and vehicle AI must always be improved to keep gamers intrigued. 4X4 Evo 2 hopes to show players some seriously sharp opponents who will not only take shortcuts, but also try to set you off course. Implementing a "checkpoint to checkpoint" system where cars will keep much closer tabs on your whereabouts and also keep things as competitive as possible. In fact, each AI player will have their own set of AI routines, giving them a distinct advantage over many of the other computerized racers, So you won't know which vehicles to be watching out for.

4x4 Evolution 2 will definitely test your knowledge of outdoor racing and the improved vehicle AI will enable a truly enjoyable racer for all. Terminal Reality's 4x4 EVO 2 is currently slated as a launch game for the Microsoft Xbox and it may just be a visual yet enjoyable powerhouse for all racing enthusiasts.

Peter Hartofilis
Can't seem to get enough of games that put him behind the wheel.

4X4 Evo 2 Screenshots

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