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Jul. 23, 2001

GW Xbox > Xbox Previews > Preview Page


Aggressive Inline



Extreme Sports

Medium and Rising

Acclaim and Z-Axis are getting ready to deliver something modern to the extreme sports genre, and we have all the bone-breaking details inside.

Aggressive Inline is the first ever video game of its type. However, the extreme sports genre is expanding every day. Gamers have been lucky enough to catch a glimpse of skateboarding courtesy of Activision's Tony Hawk series, some BMX thanks to Acclaim's Dave Mirra franchise and soon enough, Midway's exciting new title. Even though the games seem to be very similar in terms of controls and trick systems, each and every one of them brings variety to the one before it. Aggressive Inline is the next to hit the Xbox sports genre, being powered by beautiful cinematic scenes, wicked game modes including a park editor, vast levels and intense over the top stunts.

Copying other titles doesn't get a development team very far, and thankfully, Z-Axis is aware of that. Spicy innovative features help the game stand out from what's around it. In this era, original ideas sell, and this title has a lot of them to offer.

Aggressive Inline benefits from four game modes; career, freeskate, timed run and multiplayer. The career mode consists of different areas for the player to tear apart, each time picking up neat items, keys and cool power-ups. Each area has between 30 and 60 tasks for the player to complete. As the player progresses throughout the mode, more and more things are unlocked to keep the attention of gamers. Overall it seems like a very deep mode, something most games in the genre lack of. Freeskate is just that, a mode where players can practice their skills without having to worry about time and specific objectives. The third mode, timed run, tests the player's speed and agility as they race through open levels trying to gather as many points as possible. Multiplayer mode allows two players to go head-to-head in split screen competitions, ranging from five game types; best trick, twenty one, animal rescue, egg hunt and most points. Yet again we see some innovative aspects in Aggressive Inline.

Another cool aspect of Z-Axis' title is its Park Editor. The player is given a choice of several themed environments, ranging from a trolley house to a fun house. Numerous rail and terrain tools give each created park its diverse look and feel. The best part of the mode has to be the ability to test out parks after creating them. The replay value is extended thanks to the deep Park Editor the upcoming inline title has to offer.

Acclaim and Z-Axis have incorporated 12 skaters into their newest title, and they include the king founder of Inline Skating, Chris Edwards and 2001 X Games Inline Vert Champ, Taig Khris. Each character within the game has his or her (there are two females, by the way) very own attributes.

The controls are simple and down to the point, just like most titles within the genre. The scheme consists of grinding, jumping, moving and rotating. A combination of buttons and analog sequences allows for diverse moves and stunts to be performed every time. Not modifying the average control system is a very smart move on the developer's part.

Aggressive Inline has a total of 9 levels to offer, and they all have their shares of rails, ramps, pipes and extra surprises. Just like Tony Hawk's Pro Skater games, not all areas are initially unlocked. Completing tasks will therefore open new areas. Each of the levels has a theme, from airfield and cannery to museum and movie lot.

There are graphically no complaints to be made. Aggressive Inline features extreme environment detail and top-notch character models. Acclaim and Z-Axis have touched up the title since the PlayStation 2 version was released, so that's certainly an additional bonus. Smooth lighting and cinematic events are great for delivering that real life feel.

Aggressive Inline is currently stamped with a July 30th release date. The game unquestionably reeks of innovation, and we can't wait to get our smelly little hands on it!

Matt Thomas
Wonders how long it would take him to fall off that thing...

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