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Sep. 19, 2001

GW Xbox > Xbox Previews > Preview Page


Fuzion Frenzy

Blitz Games




What a wonderful way to share your brand new Xbox with some friends.

The current crop of "next generation" videogame consoles enables even mediocre games to look great. Many of us fail to forget the fun factor that is needed to maintain a constant replay value. Fuzion Frenzy is being developed by Blitz Games and not only looks really good, it could be the most fun you have with some friends on launch day.

Curiosity and appeal is peaking for this game. This is not your ordinary party game. Fuzion Frenzy is an urban street sport competition loaded with tons of mini games and a wide variety of gameplay that should offer something for everyone.

The finished game will have a total of 45 minigames spread throughout 6 arenas. The focus of each game will be unique to a party game atmosphere and will broaden your appeal throughout your gaming experience. Like every party game, the focus of Fuzion Frenzy is on the multiplayer experience as up to four players can compete for complete living room supremacy

A non-stop party game, Fuzion Frenzy bypasses tradition with real-time multiplayer action, some innovative game concepts, futuristic themes and characters, 3D environments, and next generation graphics and sounds. The game's premise put you as a gladiator who engages in a variety of futuristic sports and arena games that will make for some hectic gameplay.

In one of the competitions, appropriately titled "Sumo," four gladiators in giant, spherical "hamster cages" roll around a platform with the intent of knocking the other three players over the edge. Of course, the platform becomes smaller over time. Simple and also a reminder of a certain party game affiliated with the Nintendo trademark.

Another game is called "King of the Hill," where you get to drive these odd little hovercrafts and slam into other contestants in an attempt to knock them off a different style of platform. There is also a racing mini-game that involves bumper boats and some evil lighting effects. But this only scratches the surface of the different games that will be available.

These futuristic characters are not your ordinary choir children. Each character has his or her own motivations for entering (and winning) the tournament. For instance, Zak is a 16 year old who always gets himself and others in trouble around him. He is a maker of toys and is usually found breaking into restricted areas.

Another character named Dub is an illegal radio broadcaster who is looking to get into the tournament to pay for his equipment. Another, Jet is a young woman who after being turned onto the "sport" by her ex-boyfriend now enjoys the social aspect of the competition.

The single player game is still in question, but the multiplayer experience is one to drool over. Although not graphically breaking new ground, the fun will never end when four players are battling it out in some unique, constantly changing urban arenas. It should suit the multiplayer needs of players who love the party atmosphere. Set to launch with the Xbox on November 8 Fuzion Frenzy could be quite a crowd pleaser.

Peter Hartofilis
New kid on the block, just don't call him Petey Pete.

Fuzion Frenzy Screenshots

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