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Apr 30, 2001

GW Xbox > Xbox Previews > Preview Page



Valkyrie Studios




Moderately High

Be a god. Check out our preview of Valkyrie Studios' upcoming action title.

Valkyrie Studios is developing a game in which players assume the role of a fallen angel lord, called Seraphim. Once used for noble causes, manna had become the fuel of destruction in an ageless war. Various banners of war were erected and millions of angels flocked to battle. The Seraphim were the most glorious of angels: The captains, generals and heroes of the war. After a timeless battle that brought ruin to the halls of the Gods, the host of angels that had rebelled against their own were cast down to the lands of men.

As the Seraphims plummeted towards the earth, their broken war machines tumbling down by their sides, they began to realize that they had been cursed eternally. The Seraphim would live as men, and revel in miracles no longer. If ever their physical body were slain, the Seraphim's soul would still be trapped in this earthly plane, forever unable to return to Heaven.

Cut off from Heaven, the Seraphim no longer have the rich magical Manna to sustain them. They soon learn, however, that these new human followers could provide the energy needed to sustain their bodies and powers directly to them in the form of The Chant, a magical prayer energy that only humans could create.

There are three clans represented in the game, each with their requisite strengths and weaknesses. The feather-winged Angel clan rule over their mortal followers with pious, righteous laws. The fanatical, bug-winged Fey clan lives with its human followers in peace, but has pledged to protect its new home, mother earth, from the misuses of the other clans by any means necessary. Finally, there's the chaotic, leather-winged Demon clan, which rules its human slaves through fear and terror. You will assume the role of a clan lord, struggling for the victory of your people.

Ruling over all is the One, the Seraphim's fallen lord. Known as the Demiurge, who gathered the rebels in their fight, and drew them up into war against their brothers. Being the first to fall from grace during the ageless war of Heaven, he now rules the earthly plane with an iron grip, attempting to find a way back to Heaven.

You will be challenged by everything from vast armies to other rival angels. Missions will include raiding human settlements, assassinating dissident leaders, disrupting the enemy supply lines, and more. Performance on the field of battle will not only affect the outcome of the war, but the very nature and story of the game.

The multi-player aspects of the PC game will feature some of the standards we have come to expect, such as capture-the-flag and king-of-the-hill. However, this game will also boast some unique, Seraphim-specific missions, like "defend/destroy the mortals." No word yet on if this will be included in the Xbox version.

While Valkyrie Studios is hard at work developing this title, no publisher has stepped forward to distribute what could be a spectacular game. Until the game is released, check out these screens.

Daniel "monk" Pelfrey
His "manna" is in the fridge, and past expiration.

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