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Nov. 11, 2001

GW Xbox > Xbox Previews > Preview Page


Silent Hill 2:
Restless Dreams




Very High

A brand new gameplay mode and a variety of graphical enhancements should make the return to Silent Hill the most horrifying experience ever to hit the XBOX console.

A series that is known for scaring the pants off its fans is back and continues on the Xbox console with a new gameplay mode and a host of graphical enhancements. Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams is downright chilling as you explore Silent Hill in a horrific atmosphere that leaves the player feeling uneasy throughout most of your exploration. This game will seriously scare the living daylights out of you and the Xbox version has the extra goods to make Silent Hill fans come back for more.

With Silent Hill 2, Konami delivered 10-15 hours of gameplay exploration. The Xbox version, subtitled Restless Dreams adds another gameplay mode exclusive to the Xbox. This feature gives the player another 6 hours of exploration with one of the main characters in the game, Maria.

When starting a new game, the player will be allowed to choose between the main scenario, and the new bonus mode. The primary story is entitled Letter From Silent Heaven and takes place from the perspective of one James Sunderland, a lonely, depressed man who was once happily married. His former wife, Mary, died three years ago to a terrible disease, and ever since, James hasn't been able to pull it together.

The new bonus mode, titled Born From a Wish, has players assuming the roll of Maria, the mysterious woman whom James meets in Silent Hill. This bonus mode will add six hours of gameplay and explain specific details that are left unanswered in the main scenario and provide a second perspective on the events of the game.

These events are triggered by James receiving a letter from his deceased wife pleading him to return to Silent Hill "a place considered a sanctuary of their memories". Confused and intrigued by the letter, James makes the trip to Silent Hill and the poor fellow doesn't even know what awaits him in this foggy town. Good luck James and remember, when in doubt, Run!

The graphical enhancements of Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams over the PS2 version are seen immediately, as the atmospheric lighting makes every moment seem suspenseful. The lighting effects are drastically improved over its PS2 counterpart and true-to-life CG visuals leave you on the edge of your seat. The volumetric fog swirls and creeps with such realism that it makes the creepy environment of Silent Hill just so much more appreciating.

The noise filter that distorted the screen in the PS2 version can now be turned on and off at anytime by going to the options menu. Players can now fully appreciate the graphical detail of the game's environment and characters by turning off the noise filter, or keeping it there and having the place shrouded in mystery. Either way, the game is going to creep you out.

Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams should be a great follow-up to its PS2 counterpart, particularly with the many enhancements over the original (PS2 version) of Silent Hill 2. Will it scare you to death? Umm, Yeah! It is up to you as to whether you should keep the lights on as you play this.

You can check out our earlier preview of the game by following this link, and check out some more pictures of the game by clicking here.

Peter Hartofilis
Turns off the lights for that extra creepy effect.

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