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Sep. 12, 2001

GW Xbox > Xbox Previews > Preview Page


Simpson Road Rage

Electronic Arts

Radical Entertainment



Read the preview or eat my shorts, man.

Update: Oct. 31, 2001

We've added some new screens of the game because, well, because we could.

Some time ago a well known, albeit highly praised publisher known as EA Games entered into a publishing agreement with FOX interactive. This agreement allowed Electronic Arts to publish (in conjuction with FOX Interactive) games based on the wildly popular Simpsons franchise. Now, EA Games is stirring up a fresh witches brew - a new racer touted "The Simpsons Road Rage", set to launch with the Xbox this fall.

This is not your ordinary racer - The Simpsons Road Rage will be an arcade experience much like Crazy Taxi set in the town of Springfield with a typical act of greediness on behalf of Montgomery Burns. He's obtained the Springfield Transit Corporation and jacked it's fares through the roof. The townspeople, of course, rebel, and take to the streets themselves. Hence the name, "Road Rage".

In this new "interactive episode", gamers will use one of twenty-two Simpsons personalities such as Apu, Barney, and Marge, as they conduct a variety of skill-based missions. Ultimately, you must earn one million dollars to buy back the Transit Co. This is achieved by picking up and delivering passengers to various locations - all the while leaving hell's fury in your path with opposing traffic and obstacles.

The main dish of interactive goodness is served up in the form of "Story Mode". Forty to sixty unique passenger delivers await, as well as seven secret runs. A hearty side dish will be included as well with the "Sunday Driving" mode. Such allows you to explore the town of Springfield on your own accord whilst sight seeing the games 100 authentic landmarks and 12 neighborhoods taken straight from the source.

There are plans for a two-player option as well, which involves two individuals competing for fares... er... make that singular. One fare will be walking the streets of Springfield, and it's the gamer's job to get him/her first. But ah, that is not all. Once one has picked up this fare, he must hold on to him/her, as said opponent can knock the fare out of the car and claim him/her as his own. Mayhem indeed.

Amidst the treachery, one must eventually take note of the visuals. To be perfectly honest, The Simpsons Road Rage isn't exactly the prettiest game on Xbox -- nor is it cram packed with detail upon detail. It's simple H-line Technology that maintains the look and feel of the show. There's not much variety in the geomerty of things either, but given this is Springfield, that is acceptable providing the game allows us pull over at Mo's Bar and have a drink if things get too hectic in there.

Much like the faithfully recreated town of Springfield, EA will be faithful to our ears too -- they've brought together the real cast of the Simpsons, and they've beaten well over 1,000 lines of dialog out of their precious souls -- even written by the real writers too! Wow! (Note: this is NOT sarcasm, I am dead serious).

In a final bit of grace, EA Games has a special treat for Xbox owners who purchase The Simpsons Road Rage -- no load times between the games six maps! A treat indeed, considering Playstation 2 owners will just have to wait for each map to load during transitions.

All in all, the game looks faithful to its roots -- and that's all that really matters. With classic Simpsons flavored humor, and the full town of Springfield to enjoy -- The Simpsons Road Rage could very well please fans of the show if gameplay follows suit.

William Pulley
Thank you very much, please come again!

Simpsons Road Rage Screenshots

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