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July 18, 2001

GW Xbox > Xbox Previews > Preview Page


Star Wars Starfighter: Special Edition




Fall 2001


The Star Wars universe expands even further with an enhanced version of the PS2 game that everybody enjoyed.

Update: Sep. 10, 2001

We get so many new screens, not only do we update our preview with them, we have to create a seperate page for the overflow!

LucasArts announced Star Wars Starfighter: Special Edition for Xbox at the beginning of May, a couple of weeks before E3. Shown at the industry event, the game looked smooth, and had everybody who saw it picking his or her jaws up off the floor. The game may have looked good on Sony's machine, but Xbox owners will be in for a treat.

For those of you unfamiliar with the game, SWS: SE takes place within the Episode 1 timeline. Primarily a "space combat" game, the game puts the player in the shoes of one of three pilots trying to save Naboo (and the entire Star Wars universe) from the clutches of the Trade Federation. While some gamers may balk at not playing one of the Marquee characters of the Star Wars universe, LucasArts may have done the right thing by creating entirely new cast of characters to play as.

Rhys Dallows
An able bodied pilot with Naboo's Bravo Flight. This rookie pilot is still learning the ropes, but is proving to be a valuable asset in the defense of his home planet. His ship is one that was seen many times, the Naboo Starfighter. Laser Cannons and Proton Torpedoes are the main armaments of this sleek fighting craft.

Raised by criminals, this orphan has turned into one of the best tacticians in the galaxy. This pirate takes only what he and his crew need, but has recently become a thorn in the side of the Trade Federation. His ship, the Havoc, is a heavily modified bomber that features such "defensive" weaponry as six laser cannons and two bomb chutes.

Vana Sage
A bounty hunter who, until recently, was part of Naboo's Royal Security Force. After capturing Nym, her feelings for the Trade Federation have come under question. Her ship, the Guardian Mantis, has high maneuverability, and boasts such weapons as Sensor Guided Nano Missiles and an Ion Encumbrance System, which has the ability to completely disable a ship.

While many gamers have complained that Star Wars games have not lived up to potential as of late, Starfighter was one of those games that seemed to appease not only the hard-core Star Wars fans, but space combat fans as well. The game may take place within the general storyline of The Phantom Menace, but Jar Jar is nowhere to be seen.

The controls of the game are tight. While still not finished, the game actually felt good with the Xbox controller (and that is saying something). Moving the ship is easy enough, and targeting drones and stationary objects is a snap.

After a training mission that will acclimate the player to the controls, players then get the chance to head out into space and kick some Trade Federation butt. While the game may not add a lot of new twists to the space combat genre, having it set in the Star Wars universe doesn't hurt. Nor does the fact that the license seems to have been handled correctly.

With over 20 missions (some of which will need to be unlocked) SWS: SE for Xbox will have more gameplay than the PS2 version released earlier this year. Missions will range from the standard "protect the transport" to "take out the enemy". Anybody who has played the X Wing games on PC & MAC will know what to expect. A lot of target practice will be needed to successfully get through the game.

Another way that SWS: SE will differentiate itself from the PS2 version will be the added multiplayer modes. While the PS2 version of the game had racing and capture the flag, look for the Xbox version to have more variety in these modes. Also planned for inclusion is the ability to dogfight through each stage, presumably after the stage has been cleared.

One of the best-looking Xbox games at this year's E3, SWS: SE is currently planned for release sometime in November. With the additional missions and multiplayer aspects, this game should have significantly more replay value than its PS2 cousin. We'll let you know just how much better it is after we get our hands on the final version.

There are so many great screens for the game, we couldn't fit them all here. Follow this link to check out the rest of these wonderful screens.

Daniel "monk" Pelfrey
The force will be with him, always.

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