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Jul. 23, 2001

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Totaled! is on the verge of release, so come on in and get the full scoop on this exciting destruction derby type game.

Majesco and Rage are currently very busy working on both David Beckham Soccer and Totaled!, both due to be released in the coming few weeks. Totaled! was formally known under the name of Crash during early development phases and is based on destruction derby type driving. The sport of car demolition is furious and fast-paced, the perfect idea for a video game. Several development teams have tried bringing something new to the genre, the bigger named titles being Vigilante 8 and the awesome Twisted Metal series. The competition is there, but likely not on the Xbox side of things.

When it comes to features and game types, no other game in the genre can compete. Totaled! has four modes; Career, Arcade, Multiplayer and Team Games. Throughout Career mode, the player will visit a variety of themed outdoor and indoor arenas, about 12 in total. Some are based in the winter, others cleaner weather, but generally speaking, they each bring something new to the other. Destruction derby isn't anything without cars. Totaled! benefits from 12 vehicles, each with their own unique handling and speed attributes. Cars range from hot roads to muscle and performance vehicles. The further the player progresses the more neat items he or she unlocks. Arcade is somewhat of a "quick race" type mode where players can practice. In Multiplayer, up to 4 players can compete in extreme head-to-head combat competitions. The Team Games mode is somewhat of a secret right now. It seems that it is customizable, meaning the player can make his or her own game type. We'll have to wait for more details on that mode before confirming anything.

Within the four modes is a whopping 20+, yes, 20+ game types to keep the action spanking new everyday. Totaled! is certainly not just another demolition title with a simple game type, but instead it brings something the gaming genre needs.... spice. Here are some of the things the player will run into throughout the game;

Free for All - standard death match, all for all.

Hunter - a designated target moves around as the player tries to hit it.

Eliminator - set of races where the last player to cross the line is out.

Offensive Driving - break down an opponents car in a given time period.

Defensive Driving - a two-on-one challenge where the player must survive.

Multi-tag - tag every other vehicle in the arena within a given time period.

Bus Jumping - jump over busses, how many can you do?

Target Jumping - hit the ramp and nail the target while dodging big-time traffic.

Stuntman - the player is awarded points for pulling off stunts, jumps, spins and destroying breakable items;

A realistic car that damages depending on the hit and its speed obviously sounds hard to develop for a game. Totaled! advanced damage system allows players to shatter windshields, dent fenders, tear hoods and even flatten tired. The performance of the player's car depends on how much damage it has taken. If that's not realistic, then what is?

Totaled!'s scoring system is like no other. Instead of earning points for each hit, the player accumulates his or her share of scoring by pleasing the crowd in attendance. If they don't fall in love with you, good luck getting anywhere. Yet another point for the innovativeness of Rage and Majesco's upcoming title.

The graphics themselves are nothing short of breathtaking. Each car is modeled using over 10,000 polygons. The trees, skies, crowds and arena's all look beautiful from what we've seen. Neat effects like smoke, fire and sparks also help deliver that ultra realistic game feel. The game runs at a nice 60FPS as well, so there are really no complaints to be made at the moment.

Totaled! is looking promising, certainly a burst of fresh air for the Xbox driving genre. Just like David Beckham Soccer, the game is being advertised on for a low price of only $29.99. We'll have to look into that, it's an interesting topic. Gamers should get buckled up cause there's no stopping for Totaled! when it comes to local retailers around the continent on the 30th of July.

Matt Thomas
Wonders how he can afford all the July 30th titles....

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