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Nov 30, 2000

GW Xbox > Xbox Previews > Preview Page


Tyco R/C




Fall 2001


Mom never liked it when we raced our R/C cars through the house. Now Mattel's giving us the chance to do it all we want.

Racing games are just about my favorite game genre. There's just something about going fast through beautiful environments that makes racing countless laps all worth it. From serious racing sims like Gran Turismo to seriously fun arcade racing games like Midtown Madness 2, just give me a fast car and great control and I'm happy. That's what Tyco R/C seems to be all about, great arcade racing fun. With games like Revolt giving us a taste of what miniaturized racing is all about, Tyco R/C brings all your Tyco favorites and inventive racing environments to the same frenzied racing found in Revolt.

Most of your favorite Tyco racers are available in Tyco R/C. Vehicles like Tantrum, Psycho, Super Rebound, Nitrodozer and more are available to race in surroundings including a busy neighborhood, a construction yard, and beautiful gardens and parks. While the recently released PlayStation version shares the same name and similar experience, the Xbox version will of course feature substantially enhanced graphics and sound. Exclusive tracks will also be available for the Xbox version.

The meat and potatoes of this game are the creative track designs and the competitive gameplay. Both go hand in hand as racing environments are filled with all sorts of weapons, secrets, and shortcuts. Simple racing skills aren't enough to keep you ahead in this game-you've got to make use of your surroundings and pummel opponents with any sort of weapons you can get access to. While it hasn't been confirmed what kind of weapons Tyco R/C for Xbox will feature, you can expect many of them will result in colorful explosives. Each vehicle will have its own unique abilities that will benefit in different racing areas.

Another main issue that could make or break this game is play control. Racing games are nothing if the cars control like crap. Thankfully, Tyco R/C looks to control like a champ. The speed is there; cars are maneuverable with trouble-free handling and plenty of power sliding throughout. Up to four players will be able to go head-to-head in races or duke it out in the Battle Arena. Even more modes of play are promised for the Xbox version. Other features found in Tyco R/C include weather effects that work in just about every mode of play, so even the elements will play against you.

Mattel Interactive is hard at work making all the necessary improvements and extras for what should be the best version of Tyco R/C. With the Xbox providing astounding graphic and sound capabilities for the game, this may be a welcome alternative to shelling out three times the money for the real thing. While not much more is known about Assault With a Battery, any racing fan should keep an eye on this game. As always, we'll bring you the latest as it develops. As it stands, the Xbox looks to have one fantastic racer around launch time.

Robert M. Zuniga
Wants to see a R/C boat racing game next.

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