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Apr 17, 2001

GW Xbox > Xbox Previews > Preview Page


UFC: Tapout

Warthog Entertainment



Very High

Bust a nose, bruise some ribs, and then grab a soda from the fridge. Ultimate fighting is on its way to Xbox.

Update: Oct. 2, 2001

We update our preview with some screenshots of the game in action and a link to the list of fighters appearing in the game.

Peace, love, brotherhood. They probably exist in the sacred corners of an enlightened man's mind. You might even discover them among our most advanced societies. But you sure as hell won't find them anywhere near the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Instead, you might be lucky to find spite, ill will, and contempt before a well-placed elbow pounds you into submission.

Those of us who prefer flying elbows to brotherhood are in luck, however, because UFC: Tapout--recently announced for Xbox--delivers heaps of the former and nary a hint of the latter.

Crave Entertainment, which published the highly-acclaimed UFC title for Dreamcast, plans to bring the sequel to Xbox by the end of 2001.

The original game, widely-heralded as the most realistic fighter ever, put players in the shoes and too-tight shorts of actual UFC contestants as they kicked, punched, and submission-held their way to victory.

The sequel will feature stunning graphics and more of the revolutionary gameplay that helped UFC stand apart in a crowd of "me-too" fighters.

"Ultimate Fighting Championship: Tapout is like no other fighting game ever created. Xbox has allowed us to detail the characters in such a way that every minute detail is displayed," said Holly Newman, Crave's Executive Vice President of Publishing. "UFC: Tapout has proven to be a tremendous franchise, changing the face of fighting games altogether by mixing both standing and ground combat, combined with the most realistic gameplay and graphics ever created."

Those familiar with the UFC know that it is earmarked by its almost complete lack of rules and its wince-inducing displays of violence. Fighters bring an array of martial arts training to the mat, from the grappling of Jiu-Jitsu to the striking of kick-boxing. A slew of actual UFC fighters will be deploying these moves, including current middleweight world champion Tito Ortiz and a host of other well-known brawlers.

The developer, Warthog Entertainment, managed to produce incredible graphics on the much weaker Dreamcast, so expectations are high this time around. Xbox should allow for flawless motion-captured moves, perfectly rendered models, and a remarkable attention to details such as blood and sweat.

Expect a wide assortment of gameplay modes to complement the lifelike visuals. The centerpiece should be the career mode, in which players begin the game trading blows with common street thugs to earn the right to face off against UFC stars.

A flawless presentation was another distinguishing feature of the original title, and UFC: Tapout should carry the torch on Xbox. Dramatic fighter entrances and painstaking ringside detail, coupled with the console's explosive sound capabilities, should yield an experience just short of actually having a UFC match in your living room. Added touches like custom-made fighters and unlockable features should give the game's admirable replay value a kick in the figurative pants.

UFC: Tapout could give the fighting genre a swift kick to the chops when it is released alongside the Xbox console this November.

Tony Scinta
Drunken master.

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