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Oct 16th 2000

GW Xbox > Xbox Previews > Preview Page


1906: An Antarctic Odyssey




TBA 2001


An adventure that provides polar thrills and chills. Check out this full preview.

The 20th Century was well under way, and the drive to make the world a prosperous one continued to grow. It was a time of triumph in technology and literature, among other areas, with the invention of automatic dial telephone switching and literary works such as Daniel Boone. It was also a time of tragedy with a devastating earthquake in San Francisco claiming over 1000 lives. However, for a team of scientists exploring the South Pole, their determination to better their future fueled an adventure filled with limitless possibilities that new discovery brings.

The thrill of exploration and discovery is a major premise of 1906: An Antarctic Odyssey. Developed by Darkworks, makers of the new Alone in the Dark game, 1906 is an adventure game along the lines of Alone in the Dark in that it mixes adventure and survival-horror elements in a post-19th Century setting that plays much like a Jules Verne novel.

What will drive this game is the exploration of the unknown and the ultimate danger that lies ahead in the unexplored expanse of the South Pole. Darkworks has much experience in this area, and 1906 should really live up to the hype. Not much more is known about this game, however, but we can bet that delving into mysterious territory would bring about unique creatures and striking settings. What we've seen so far is work on the PC version, and the few screenshots Darkworks has thrown our way show off just some of the places our team of scientists will explore.

The style of 1906 fits that of many early 20th Century writers including the aforementioned Verne and H.P. Lovecraft. The developers at Darkworks are huge fans of fantasy mixed with science fiction, and players will be immersed in such surroundings. From the screenshots, we see the science team traveling through frozen, underground passages filled with water, perhaps a harbor for ships at some sort of base. Another screenshot shows some type of run-down factory. Even early character art stays true to the sci-fi ideas these authors thought would be the future.

As more info on this game is divulged, we'll clue you in on the mystery surrounding 1906 and what the team of scientists expects to find in the frozen lands of the South Pole. As it stands, Darkworks looks to have another hit on its hands by combining action and adventure, mixed with danger, in a unique science-fiction setting.

Robert Zuniga

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