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  Sony Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 - what should I buy?

PS3 vs. Xbox 360 The Ultimate Decision

ps3 vs xbox 360 hardware graphicsThe Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 are the two most competitive gaming systems out there. Turn for turn they are trying to best the other with their graphics, online play, shopping available and more. So which system is the best for you? How do they compare?

The most common question is how much will this cost me? The Xbox 360 will run you about $299-$399 depending on which version you decide on. The PS3 will run you about $399-$499.  

Each console comes in a variety of sizes. The PS3 gives you a choice from 20 GB to 160 GB. The more memory you want the more you will pay for the system. The Xbox 360 is similar and starts at 20 GB and goes up to 120 GB. The most commonly sold ones are the 80GB and generally the larger ones are for serious hard-core gamers.

The PS3 offers you many options that are included with the system. It comes with a blu-ray player integrated into it. Which is a very nice feature so you don’t have to spend the extra money on a separate player. The PS3 also offers great backwards capability and allows you to play the PS2 games on the console, though the graphics may come through a bit differently. The PS3 has a HDMI hook up for your high def TV. It also has Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi built into it. You can browse the Internet from your TV and chat with your friends via chat or a video cam. Some of the PS3’s also have a slot for your memory cards for pictures and videos, though the new ones coming out may not have this feature.

The PS3 will let you install an alternate operating system on it such as Linux, there are even some being built and sold specifically as a Linux PS3. You can use the DVR to record your favorite shows and watch them whenever you want.

Playstation also has a broad network that doesn’t cost you a thing to join to allow you to play online with other people, and to download games and demos. You can also download your updates from here as well.

The biggest plus of the PS3 is that it has a very, very low failure rate, compared to the Xbox 360’s “Red Ring of Death” and 17% failure. This alone can be the deciding factor for people who are debating between the two. Fortunately if you decide on the Xbox 360 and it happens to crash on you, you have a 3-year extended warranty for the “Red Ring of Death” problem. If this error happens after your warranty expires then the fix for the problem is fairly simple.

The Xbox 360 offers many similar things to the PS3, actually the Xbox 360 was released a year before the PS3. The Xbox 360 has a couple different versions, the regular one and the elite version. If you want the backwards capabilities for your old Xbox games you will need to spend the extra money and get the Elite version.

For a membership with the Xbox 360 Live network you need to purchase your membership yearly, though you get a lot out of it. The Xbox 360 network has a feature called the “marketplace”. This is a very popular feature for people who are really into the online gaming or enjoy using their console for more then just gaming. With the online market place you can rent movies that remain on your console for 14 days, you can download your favorite high def TV shows as well. There are many movie trailers and game demos you can try before you actually spend the money and purchase them.

The Xbox 360 will play videos in high def, it plays MP-4’s, slideshows of your photos and all of your music. The downside to Xbox 360 aside of it’s failure rate is that you will need to purchase the HD drive to play the blu-ray movies, so that will make the price significantly closer to the cost of the PS3.

If noise is a big factor in your decision then you’ll want to know that the PS3 is very quiet and runs very smoothly, whereas the Xbox 360 is very noisy and loud.

Each gaming system has games that are exclusive, and may be something you want to consider before you purchase.

Popular Exclusive Xbox 360 Games:

-    Halo 3
-    Gears of War 2
-    Dance Dance, Revolution
-    Scene It

Popular Exclusive PS3 Games

-    Grand Turismo 5
-    Little Big Planet
-    Metal Gear Solid 4
-    Resistance 2
-    SOCOM: US Navy SEALs Confrontation
-    Sing Star

Other very popular games such as Tom Clancy’s Call of Duty 5, Rainbow 6 Vegas, Ghost Recon 2 and Fallout 3 are available for both consoles.

What it really comes down to in the end is your personal preference and exactly what you want to be doing with the console. Die-hard gamers will have a preference from previous play and are unlikely to switch no matter the benefits from either side. If you are just getting into gaming and trying to decide, take into account what games you will want to be playing, how much you are interested in a blu-ray player and if you are interested in online gaming have a look at both online sites and decide which one appeals to you most.

When you combine all of these factors you will find the gaming system that is right for you and be able to enjoy a long life out of it. Happy gaming!

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