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Saitek Adrenalin Pad

Adrenalin Pad




Another controller offering prooves that there really is something for everyone out there.

Saitek's Adrenalin Pad easily stands out amongst the crowd of third party Xbox controllers. The design is so different; it makes you wonder weather or not it will actually work. The closest comparison that can be made to the Adrenalin Pad would be the ergonomic keyboards that have the keys split apart.

In many ways, this both helps and hinders the Adrenalin Pad. Those looking for a traditional controller feel will want to look elsewhere. Those wanting something completely different from the Xbox controller will want to give this pad a try.

The controller buttons feel great under your thumb, and perhaps the greatest feature is that the black and white buttons are readily accessible with minimal movement of the right hand. The buttons all have some "give" to them, making them hurt less than on the Microsoft controller. After several hours of play, this gets to be very noticeable.

The triggers are ergonomically designed, but this is where hindrance comes in. With most controllers, the triggers are designed to be placed in the crook of your index fingers. With the Adrenalin Pad, have to use your fingertips.

The control sticks feel good, and are responsive. The D-Pad is circular, but with small grooves denoting the 4 primary directions. Unfortunately, the grooves could have been a bit bigger, or better still, a traditional cross-shaped pad would have been welcome.

The ergonomic design and slimmer shape really make this controller one to be checked out. At $25, there really isn't a reason not to give this one a second look.

Daniel "monk" Pelfrey

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