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Aver TV Box

Aver TV Box


External Tuner


The TV just died, but you have to finish playing Pikmin right now. The solution lies inside.

The first thing one notices when opening the box with the Aver TV Box is that it looks cool. It's a rather sleek package that fits in well with today's computer designs. There is a vertical stand made of clear red plastic, much cooler than the PS2 stand. Already, AverMedia sets itself apart. Somebody in the design department deserves a raise.

Connecting the device to your PC is another matter. The device does not come with all of the cables necessary to connect to a lot of computers (most notably laptops). This isn't a big problem, but does affect the initial enjoyment of the product. You'll also want to make sure you have a couple of AAA batteries as well. There are batteries in the box, but they will wear out quickly.

Most of the functions are handled with the remote, which is about the size of a standard television remote, but with a lot more functionality. If you lose the remote (that's what the batteries are for) you have effectively lost the whole box. If your desk looks anything like mine, you should attach an alarm system on the remote to prevent loss. Without it, the Aver TV Box just won't do much.

What it will do is pretty darn cool. Essentially, this will turn your computer into a television, complete with hookups for devices that you would plug into your TV, such as VCRs or game consoles. The box even has S-Video inputs, so the picture quality of videogames is increased. This is where the selling points of the Aver TV Box come in. The picture quality of videogames is increased (depending on your monitor) and the device acts as a television tuner (even providing inputs for cable). If this isn't cool, then you obviously haven't been paying attention. This provides a quick fix for those who want to really look at the details of the cars in Project Gotham Racing or marvel at how much Rogue Leader looks like cutting room floor material.

There are also connections for external speakers, which, if you have a decent setup, could provide you with one kick ass home theater. Sure, the picture may not be as big as some, but if you have a decent monitor, then everything is gravy afterwards.

There is a bit of noise coming from the box, which may not be so good for those trying to be quiet and considerate to their roommates (even with headphones). It's a low hum that will take a bit of getting used to, but it becomes background noise after a while.

To go into all of the functionality of the features that the television portion of this product has would be pointless. This is due to the fact that this packs in so much that it can't really be covered. You can change the color of the border for the picture in picture (yes, there is PIP here), this is the level of detail we are talking about with the features. There are almost too many of them. Brightness, contrast, adding/deleting channels, sleep, the list goes on. This small box packs in features that aren't included in many televisions.

The Aver TV Box is fairly easy to use, once you get the hang of the menus, and don't lose the remote. Television picture quality will depend on reception in your area, but you should see a definite improvement in the picture quality of your videogames. There is no software required for the Aver TV Box to work. If space, or resources is at a premium, this could very well be a solution. The $159.99 price may stop many people from purchasing the utility, but those who do take the plunge will be nothing but satisfied.

Daniel "monk" Pelfrey
Could watch Buffy, and work at the same time. How cool is that?

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