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Jet Set Radio Future
Music Sampler

As a special pack-in to some pre-orders, Sega gives car stereos a taste of what Xbox consoles and television sets have been enjoying.

Jet Set Radio Future is a game in a class all to itself. One of the key elements to the game is its strikingly different visuals - cel shading, a technique pioneered with the original Jet Grind Radio. Another key element setting the game apart is the gameplay, a mixture of many different gameplay styles and a plot weaving them together in a manner both ridiculous and believable. Music is another way that the game sets itself apart from many other contemporary videogames. With music being an essential part of the game, it was important for Sega to have some top notch sounds in the game.

Rather than foisting some pasted together pseudo techno loops, Sega has branched itself out. WaveMaster (Sega's in house music team) has been known far and wide for its great audio, but the sounds don't stop there. Grand Royal, one of the hippest record companies to grace turntables was able to dispatch the Latch Brothers to remix several songs and create some original music as well.

Fighting for the soul of the city takes a lot of work, and the underground radio station needs to blast some soul pumping tunes to keep you energized. The music sampler that is available gives a nice taste for the game. The track listing for the sampler is this:

    The Concept Of Love - Hideki Naganuma (WaveMaster)
    Ill Victory Beat - The Latch Brothers
    I'm Not A Model - Russel Simins
    Me Likey The Poom Poom - The Latch Brothers
    Birthday Cake - Cibo Matto
    Latch Brothers Bounce - The Latch Brothers
    Count Latchula - The Latch Brothers
    Aisle 10 - Scapegoat Wax
    Koto Stomp - The Latch Brothers
    Rockin' The Mic - The Prunes (Latch Brothers remix)
    What About The Future - Richard Jacques

The Latch Brothers and WaveMaster worked close together to select the songs that would be included in the game, and a good sampling appear on the music sampler. Several songs are minor hits in their own right, some being received by eardrums for the first time. The songs belong in the vein of techno-hip-hop, or something closely related to that. I'm sure somebody knows the proper name for the genre of music. No matter what you call it, the tunes will get your feet tapping and the head bobbing.

Altogether this collection of songs belongs not only in Jet Set Radio Future, but as part of the Xbox's hard drive as a custom soundtrack as well. I wish that Sega and Grand Royal had been able to release a fuller (or additional) disc of songs to rip onto the hard drive to use in other games. This music is great for party games, racing games, or playing in the stereo system anytime you want to get the party movin'.

Daniel "monk" Pelfrey
Needs a bigger shovel to dig all of these sounds.

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