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Mad Catz Control Pad

Xbox Control Pad




If you plan on playing any Xbox games with friends, you need to get more controllers.

Mad Catz has been producing third Party peripherals for over 10 years, and it shows with the Xbox Control Pad.

The first thing that people will notice about the pad is that it is slimmer than Microsoft's offering in the controller market. This enables people with more "normal" sized hands to position their thumbs correctly.

It is the button positioning that is one of the few drawbacks to the Control Pad, but that really can't be pinned on Mad Catz. Microsoft designed the "black" and "white" buttons so far up, that a lot of gamers won't be able to reach them. A slightly tighter button arrangement could have been beneficial, but isn't essential.

The biggest improvement over Microsoft's controller is the D-pad. Instead of the round pad on Microsoft's controller, Mad Catz has replaced it with a more traditional styled pad. This helps avoid any confusion when navigating menus and such. The D-pad is fuly directional, so no functionality is lost.

The control sticks are a little loose (in a good way), which helps with games in need of fluid gameplay, such as Dead or Alive 3. Trigger buttons have some "give" to them, especially useful in racing games where varied acceleration is needed.

Overall, this is an excellent all around controller, with all of the functionality of Microsoft's controller, but with a slightly smaller casing and a much smaller price. At $24.99, this is an excellent way to get some multiplayer action happening.

Daniel "monk" Pelfrey

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