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NBA Live 2002

EA Canada

EA Sports


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Another review for EA Sports basketball game? You better beleive it.

Back in the late years of the Genesis a basketball game came along that knocked every ones socks off. That game was NBA Live. EA was a young aspiring company that was making little known games for Sega. But after they launched their NBA Live and Madden series, everything changed. EA had begun their ascent into the mega-corporation that they are today.

"This game has the best visuals in a basketball game to date."

People have said that last year's version of Live wasn't very good. I owned a Playstation and about 3 of the NBA Live games on that console - I have to say that those games were very enjoyable, though as of late it seems that EA has been going for style over substance. This year's edition of NBA Live is a great start on the Xbox.

I am going to start of this review with the visuals. This game has the best visuals in a basketball game to date. Although that is not the best thing I can say because there is only on basketball game out for the Xbox, It is better then the PS2 version, but just hardly.

One of the main things that will blow your mind about NBA Live's visuals is the character models. The faces are eerily close to the NBA stars that they are made after. You can also see some very minute things while playing, including tattoos and individual muscles as the players move.

While we are on the way the characters move I might as well elaborate. When the players are doing things it actually looks like the players are making the moves. When the players are dribbling and running it look fluid and more life like than the versions before.

Gameplay is always a crucial factor in any basketball game, and here is where we come to our first misstep. This game can be way too easy for the user to become champion. For an example, I won the title undefeated with the Bulls. The BULLS! I then played it again on the hardest difficulty and found it to be too hard. The second hardest difficulty to be the least easy, but the game wasn't very difficult.

"Build your dynasty and brag to your friends, they're already jealous anyway, remember."

Another thing about the gameplay that seems to bug other people as well: the defense is absolutely horrible! When I am going for the blocked shot the player either doesn't jump, and if he does, you don't jump in time to stop the ball. Also when you are going for the defensive rebound you never, and I mean never get the ball. The offense is the master of all rebounds and you can't say any different. All you can do to get the ball is wait for them to steal or score.

All you have to do to score is use your fastest player and run to the hoop and either dunk or lay up. I have just saved you a bundle by adding a strategy guide with this review. That is how you win every game. The defense doesn't even try to stop you.

Now on to the many modes you can play in the game. This edition of Live doesn't offer anything new for fans. All of the modes have been added, it would have been nice if they had more features, but if it isn't broke don't fix it.

The first mode of play is Exhibition Mode. Here, you play against either the computer or a family member (we know you don't have any friends, they're too jealous of your Xbox to come over and play). Very basic and you can do anything you want and play with your own pre-made players.

In Season Mode you take any NBA team through to the NBA finals. You can also start the playoffs at any time in the game, kind of killing the whole season. This mode is too easy. You can also trade players to other teams and draft, all without that annoying newspaper reporter scrutiny.

Time to practice your skills with some one on one. You can play one player or two. That's it. It may not be much, but it's there.

Perhaps the best mode is Franchise. You can go through up to ten years in the NBA with a team and make them the next Lakers. You can go through and win the championship many times. Build your dynasty and brag to your friends, they're already jealous anyway, remember.

On of the things that EA was saying to sell NBA Live was that Michael Jordan is in it. I hate to say it because I like MJ, but he is awful. He is one of the worst players in the game and half of the time he doesn't even go for the basket, he passes. Please. This is indicative of the problem with NBA Live 2002, the players all play about the same.

One of the phatest features is the player creator (although you can go way too far). Here is the second part of my NBA Live strategy guide - you are really getting your money's worth. When you are making your character you should max out his stats. You can do that with any character in the game, so you can make the other team bad and yours a full bench of basketball gods. Think about it.

With "create a character" you can customize your characters face and muscle tone and tattoos. This very cool. You can have him wear Jordan's Bull's jersey if you feel fit.

On to the sound of the game. The commentary in the game is absolutely atrocious. When you make a bad move they tell you. They also say it way too often. When you don't get the defensive rebound, they will jump on your back and say the same thing over and over again. Where is the variety?

The music is good in the start screen and the menus. The custom tunes are very cool. The in game music that chimes in every once in a while is bad. That is all I am going to say.

There are those of you that absolutely need to play some basketball. There are those of you that want to wait it out. You know which side of the fence you're on.

Adam Westenberger
Had him a basketball jones.

NBA Live 2002: The Scores













The Final Word:  This game is not bad, it's just a bit too much of some things and not enough of another. The sound and gameplay are absolutely bad. The visuals are awesome but they couldn't change the score. Just a better than average attempt at a basketball game. More heart and soul in 03 please.

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