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Star Wars Obi Wan




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We know all about how the game looks, but is that all there is to the game? Find out in our review.

Perhaps I'm just pathetic, but after watching Star Wars Episode One I thought how cool it must be to be a Jedi Knight [The thought didn't occur to you during the original trilogy? - Ed.]. The benefits speak for themselves, a good health plan, a nifty lightsaber, and the ability to do all that neato force stuff [And the chick, don't forget the chicks. - Ed.]. Of course, I can't really be a Jedi Knight, but the next best thing is the chance to command Obi Wan Kenobi in his very own videogame (from LucasArts, naturally) Star Wars: Obi Wan. It promised me the chance to command the Force as well as the trusty lightsaber in a way never before experienced, and it did.

In the age of now with all "next-gneration" consoles on the market, it seems as if the first thing people look for is graphical prowess in a game. Although Obi Wan isn't as beautiful as people may want, you shouldn't judge it until an initial encounter of actual playing the game. Most likely one of the most noticeable graphical effect within the game is the lightsaber. Aside from it's nifty glowing look, I had many enjoyable moments slashing walls just to see the permanent marks that glowed red and faded to black once stricken just like in the movies.

"The computer A.I. is something not to underestimate."

Star Wars Obi Wan also features beautiful lighting and water that reflects the area around it. However, the levels and the characters are detailed to a lesser degree. Certain ground textures are blurry and flat (with the Trade Federation ship being an exception). The game, despite some graphical shortcomings, retains the feel of the Star Wars universe. Although the several characters you will encounter and the levels don't come off as the eye-candy you would see in Dead or Alive 3 and Halo, Star Wars: Obi Wan isn't a game you should feel disgusted with visually.

After playing the game for about 15 minutes and getting used to the sheer amount of moves and force powers you can pull of, you won't care if the visuals aren't amazing; Star Wars: Obi Wan is just sheer, classic fun. No more is fighting continuous enemies, boring or needlessly tough foes, it's an enjoyable experience to run up to an enemy and engage in combat. There's such a colossal array of moves to perform, it makes it so that no battle ever gets old. Every technique you do is a pleasure to commit on your enemy. This time around, the force isn't used for just pushes, jumps, pulls, or throws, LucasArts also implanted new ways to use the force. A Force time (slows down time) effect is used that gives you more time to plan how you will attack, and yes, it does help. The force is also incorporated with your normal attacks to give you an all-new set of moves. The action almost never ends, especially the fun.

Although the moves are most likely one of the bigger advantages towards the gameplay, there are also a number of other elements that tie into the game to create something that almost makes you believe you're in a Star Wars movie. The music itself is something I didn't quite expect, for it doesn't simply play, it reacts. The music changes according to your current situation. If battle is about to or taking place, a battle theme begins to play and slowly ends once you have defeated your attackers.

The musical scores are taken from the movies and tie into the game at appropriate times and levels, sometimes creating a scary affect or an adrenalin rush. The lightsaber sounds like the lightsaber, each strike you make on the walls (or opponents) sounds like it should, as well as gunfire from the enemies. The enemies will also speak to one another or at you, shouting out "There he is," "Surround the Jedi," or even "I'm going to smash your skull!" Probably one of my only complaints that will remind you this is a game is the voice acting, especially the title character. Perhaps the actor who played Obi Wan in the movies was British, but the voice actor in the game sounds like he's trying to fake the accent. He almost sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger with a cold. The attempt was horrible, but the outcome had a different affect on me. As soon as I was introduced to Obi Wan in the game, I laughed. It was something to joke and laugh about, and I enjoyed it.

There are over 15 missions and bonus levels to play through, which again, completely feel like the Star Wars universe. LucasArts also included a two player battle mode in which you can fight your friend with at least 9 different characters in several different arena's. As you progress through the game, however, you'll unlock new multiplayer arenas and characters.

The computer A.I. is something not to underestimate. In packs, they are deadly and will often try and surround you. After getting further into the game, more and more enemies began forming in groups, and it truly does become a challenge to survive. The battledroids aren't as easy to deal with as well, their continuous gun fire comes almost out of no where and you must be prepared to deal with them at all times. Your opponents will also not mindlessly let you hit them, they'll try and block your swings with their melee weapon, if any. All of this, however, isn't something to be afraid of. It's quite fun to take on enemies that pose a threat and a challenge, and the good thing is that there are so many ways to kill them!

At first, you may find the controls something to get used to for they're not out of the box simple. Performing the moves became a challenge at first and taking the Training course from the main menu will get you on track. After learning everything there is to know, it becomes simple and fun as you pull of moves with ease, almost forgetting that you're holding the Xbox controller. The left stick controls movement, while the right stick controls your saber. Move the right stick to the right and your saber will swing to the right. Move the right stick to the left and your saber will swing to the left. Move the right stick up and you will perform an overhead strike. Move the right stick down and you will perform an active block, which will also direct laser blasts directly to their source. You can also perform double-swings if you double tap the right thumbstick in the direction you wish to swing.

The force is an important part of fighting your enemies; it gives you more power over how you will attack them. The force ties in with the basic buttons, which perform various moves that will help you get past obstacles in your way and make you a more graceful fighter. To activate force, you press and hold the Left Trigger and then push one of the 5 buttons that will allow force. For example: A button is used to Jump/Force jump, press the A button a second time during a Force Jump to do a flip; B button is used to perform acrobats with movement/Force Throw objects which can also be thrown at enemies if near; X button is used to crouch (press while moving to roll and hold to remain crouched)/Force Disarm, this pulls blaster rifles away from enemies; the Y button is used to activate buttons/Force Push, useful for enemies near cliffs (fun to watch); pushing the right thumbstick in will throw your lightsaber, the longer you hold the button the farther it will go, but drains you of the force quickly; and finally the white button which is used to look around/Force View which slows down time for an amount of seconds, but those few seconds may be precious. The black button has no force counterpart though it does a 180 degree quick-turn which is useful during battle to quickly face your foe again. Lastly, the direction pad controls your inventory, pushing up and down while the lightsaber is selected will turn it on or off.

"... just like in the movies."

Sounds like a lot to remember? After playing the game and taking the training level, the moves became a second nature. You'll soon be performing moves in a frenzy without having to look at the control or even think what you're doing, it's quite the rush.

Overall the game is a fun, rewarding experience and has enough to keep you playing well after completion. Although Obi Wan sounds like a duck with a rock in his throat, it was funny and other voice acting sounded pretty much as it should. If you're looking for a god action title, this is one that will stay in your library for some time to come.

Scott "VeX" Kuss
"Who's Yoda?" "Little green guy, teaches warriors."

Star Wars Obi Wan: The Scores













The Final Word:  Fun. The graphics could have been better and the voice acting could've used some work, but overall LucasArts presented a very well made game that's completely enjoyable. If you're a fan of Star Wars games and have a lust for a good Action/Adventure title, Star Wars: Obi Wan is for you.

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