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Pelican Trick Controller

Trick Controller




Come and see that there really is more than one way in which size matters.

The first thing one notices about the Pelican Trick Controller is its design - decidedly different from many Xbox controllers out there today. This is in virtually every respect the same as the Pelican X-Wing Controller, but with a combo button on the side (aptly placed). This button is easily accessible with the left trigger finger, instead of being placed in the middle of the controller.

As soon as the controller is in your hands, you notice the other major difference with Pelican's offering: the size. This controller is significantly smaller than any other. The size makes this the perfect controller for kids.

The control sticks feel great and are very responsive, as are the triggers. The control buttons have some nice "give" to them, helping to prevent thumb blisters from hours of gaming. Unfortunately, the black and white buttons are too far away to be depressed without moving the hand.

The D-pad isn't a 4 way cross, but a circular pad, giving a full range of mobility. I would have rather had a traditionally shaped D-pad.

Overall, this is a good buy if you are looking for a smaller controller than most on the market. At $25 (approximately) this an easily affordable way to get your little brother or sister in on the game.

Daniel "monk" Pelfrey

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