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Power Pad

Power Pad




If you like the heft of the Xbox controller, but don't have the scratch for a spare, what are your options?

InterAct's Power Pad doesn't stray much from Microsoft's original controller design, one of the very few to do so. It size and shape are nearly identical to that of the first party offering packed in with each Xbox. That said, it should be noted that it would appear that the shape of the controller feels much more "finished" than that of Microsoft's. The controller fits in your hands much better thanks to the contoured shaping, making the left and right triggers actually more ergo dynamic.

Perhaps the greatest divergence in design, other than the form fitting hand-holds, would be the (very) slightly increased distance between buttons. While some may not notice the difference, if the button layout is difficult for you in the first place, you will undoubtedly feel your thumb move.

Everything else is the same, from the feel of the D-Pad to the shape of the left and right control sticks. This is the controller for those that like the feel of Microsoft's offering, but feel that it is lacking that certain "something" - one of those being an "off" switch for the rumble.

After extensive use, there was no flaw detected in the performance of the pad, so why not save yourself some money and pick this one up instead of the more expensive (and virtually identical) first party controller.

Daniel "monk" Pelfrey

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