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SSX Tricky
Music Sampler

What could be better? A great game coupled with an equally impressive soundtrack. Music and games, what else could a guy ask for?

SSX was one of those games at the PS2 launch that jumped out and grabbed you by the throat and wouldn't let go. It was different. It was a snowboarding game that showed how realism could effectively take a backseat to arcade style gameplay, and still represent the sport well. The sequel, released on three consoles (not limiting itself to just one) not only had to compete not only with a crowded release schedule on multiple platforms, but also with the success of its predecessor.

One of the ways that SSX Tricky wanted to set itself apart from the rest of the videogame crowd was an enhanced audio portion. The music in SSX was catchy, but with SSX Tricky, the producers decided to fully realize their vision for what the game's soundtrack should be. Thankfully, now you can take the fruits of that labor with you wherever you go, or at home any time you wish without having to turn on your television and console of choice.

EA Sports Big and Nettwerk Records have entered into an agreement to bring a soundtrack of choice tunes from the game to CD players across the land. Several tunes remain from the original game, and others have not been played before. Some songs are tweaked or remixed, and some just have to be heard to be believed.

    The track listing for Music From SSX Tricky is:

    Run DMC - It's Tricky (K-Rec Remix)
    BT - Smartbomb (Plump's Vocal Mix)
    Hybrid - Finished Symphony
    Aphrodite - King Of Beats
    Mixmaster Mike - Board Burner
    Huda Hudia - System Overload (The Download Is Complete Mix)
    Plump DJs - The Push
    Space Raiders - Song for Dot
    Mixmaster Mike & Rahzel - Slayboarder
    John Morgan - Gin and Sin
    Rasmus - Peaktime The Foth - Reality Detached

None of the songs drone on forever, endlessly repeating the same looped beats over and over, my biggest complaint of electronica music. What we have here is a great collection of songs that can serve a wonderful accompaniment to a party, or some driving music for that stretch of highway to your Grandparent's house. This collection of tunes deserves a place on your Xbox hard drive as part of a customized soundtrack (along with the JSRF soundtrack). If you don't have an Xbox, this collection of songs from the game is still worth picking up.

Daniel "monk" Pelfrey
Hums SSX Tricky tunes in his sleep.

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